Our Foot and Ankle FAQ

Will I need surgery for my bunions? Will my son’s ankle pain eventually go away? Why do I need to see a foot specialist instead of my regular doctor? We answer questions like these and many more in our foot and ankle FAQ.

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  • Are Over the Counter Orthotics Effective?

    Many radio and television commercials promote custom arch supports, my advice is never pay more than $70.00 for an “orthotic” or arch support.  If you are paying more than this, you should be receiving a device made from a mold of your foot that also includes a detailed exam, diagnosis and prescription written by a foot and ankle specialist.

  • How do Custom Foot Orthotics work?

    A custom orthotic is much more than an arch support.  Orthotics realign the joints of your foot and leg to reduce abnormal strain on muscles, tendons and ligaments.  Small malalignments can cause significant discomfort.  Over time, abnormal function can lead to problems such as bunions, hammer toes, heel pain, tendonitis, knee, hip and back pain.  Once your foot is supported properly by the orthotic, it is consistently directed into the correct position for walking, running and standing.

  • What Are Custom Orthotics?

    “Orthotics” can refer to any device worn inside a shoe.  These items can be found in infomercials, retail stores and at the state fair or home show. With various sales pitches and information about orthotics, making an informed decision and understanding the facts can be difficult.

    True custom foot orthotics are prescription medical devices created from a non-weight bearing molds or scans of the foot.  Orthotics are designed to control the position and function of your foot to treat specific conditions and reduce risk for injury.  A properly made orthotic should effectively reduce abnormal rolling in or rolling out motions of the foot and ankle. In addition, they can redistribute pressure on the bottom surface of the foot to relieve pain or reduce friction and pressure contributing to calluses or ulcerations.