What is a High Ankle Sprain?

A less common type of ankle sprain is a high ankle sprain.  These injuries occur from the foot being being forced outward.  They are different from the more common lateral ankle sprain where the foot is is turned inward.  Both injuries often look the same causing pain, swelling and bruising over the entire ankle region.  The difference is that a high ankle sprain can be more complicated.  In a high ankle sprain the five ligaments connecting the two bones in the lower leg are affected compared to a lateral or inversion sprain which affects the three ligaments on the outside of the ankle.

If you see bruising or are unable to bear weight on your foot after an injury, it is best to see our office for an examination. High ankle sprains are commonly misdiagnosed because they can look the same as a lateral ankle sprain even though entirely different ligaments are affected. A common myth is that if you can walk on an injured foot or ankle it does not need care.  Remember, this does not mean there isn’t an injury present. 

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