Foot Myths Busted


  • Myth: If you can walk on your foot after an injury it isn’t broken.

Depending on the location and type of fracture and each persons pain tolerance, it is possible to walk on a fractured foot.  

  • Myth: Bunions are caused from wearing improper shoes.

While shoes may contribute to pain in the presence of a bunion, bunions are caused by inheriting an unstable foot structure which allows the bunion to develop over time. 

  • Myth: Foot pain is normal as you age.

Foot pain is never normal.  Many common conditions such as arthritis, bunions and hammertoes, and heel pain can be treated successfully with many conservative solutions.

  • Myth: Cutting a notch in the middle of your toenail will prevent an ingrowing of the nail.

Cutting a “V” or notch in the nail will not change the shape of the nail or prevent ingrowing of the nail. If you are developing an ingrowing nail, don’t perform bathroom surgery.  Ingrowing nails can easily be treated with an in office procedure to permanently fix the incurvated margin with no disability or time away from work.

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